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2014 international cartoon exhibition held in xiamen

Date: 2014-07-25

The 7th xiamen international cartoon festival will be on August 15, 2014-19 held in xiamen international conference and exhibition center, the previous animation festival received 2876 works from 38 countries and regions.Activities during signing project and cooperation intentions amount of 1.16 billion yuan, to attract audience of 150000 people, professional outstanding characteristics, industrial communication atmosphere.On the basis of this, 2014 (7th) xiamen international animation festival will be held in time and adjust scale accordingly.Specific content is as follows:
A, positioning
Make domestic animation series of authority, make animation festival "professional exchange platform, anime fans an annual event, the carrier of industry docking".
Second, the holding time
On August 15, 2014 - August 19 (5 days)
Third, is being held
Xiamen international conference and exhibition center hall no. 3 (M, Q, R) hall