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Jingmin Central Hotel Xiamen, one five-star hotel, with very positive ratings,the hotel successfully met Star Diamond Award set by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector. We offers 490 modernly decorated rooms, apartments and executive suites, all equipped with free Wi-Fi, LCD TV's, centrally controlled AC and low decibel energy efficient refrigeratorsMore Details>>

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  • lyl_cj
    Breakfast was very tasty, the service is also very good.
  • Naya920
    Generic classifier
    Hotel room is not large, the feeling of no five-star hotels. worthy of praise is the service is in place, everyone laughs. the hotel also has a swimming pool, coaching is teaching kids how to swim, so the pool of people more. next to Xiamen will also choose this
  • soaring
    Xiamen gulangyu holiday it's not happy just the start order of the room is a little dish
  • pingju
    Hotel service is good! 1, because first times staying, so not know received machine service need ahead of 24 hours notification hotel, only in Shang aircraft Qian to hotel playing has a phone, although Hotel told of has needed ahead of 24 hours of provides, but still to I temporary arrangements has vehicles came to Airport received machine, dang a car black Mercedes-Benz business car stopped in front, feel five-star hotel is not as, let people feel pleased! to received machine work of hotel staff said thanks! 2,Hotel registration has Wifi Internet service, without password, very convenient, staying during, I itself with has a Taiwan notebook, but forget has with mouse pad, because table is glass table, mouse cannot directly in above using, so I on took has a Zhang A4 paper will using, didn't wants to second days from outside back, found carefully of customer waiter for I took to has a mouse pad, is too intimate has. 3, because it is a family of 3, without hotels sayHas child peer, first days hotel room only two double adults of slippers, children didn't slippers, I wants to problem is unlikely to, also can will, didn't wants to second days tenant waiter finishing room Hou, immediately sent to has a double child of slippers, I not know they is how know has children of, may is see room in has children of socks and small clothes, anyway does intimate, carefully. 4, I ordered the cheese room, included breakfast, but comes with a 3 year old child, when askedHas hotel front desk, told of 1 meters above of child in hotel with breakfast needed paid 71 Yuan each bit, and I son just good 1 meters had little, staying day night also in blue second days of breakfast how solution, said is of, if to again pay 71 Yuan, also than a 3 mouth to outside eat breakfast deal, in outside eat 3 a people also or has 71 Yuan. second days morning, a 3 mouth hold with try of mentality to has hotel restaurant, didn't thought restaurant staff brush has Xia we ofRoom card, see children does compared small, what also didn't said, directly let we are in has, staying 3 days are is so. hotel breakfast also is big, young are should be. for over 1 meters of child dining needed charges of this items provides, personal think does not is reasonable, most at least also should set for 1.4 meters, now child long of fast, 3 age on 1 meters more has, but a 3 age of child can eat how many things, if to charges, child like levy sex of received a 10 block 20Block will also receive, if a 71 each, all rather to dine. executed fairly human, makes you feel the overall service was very good. 5, the hotel room is not big, but very comfortable, bathroom facilities good, use of brand-name.
  • stone636
    Clean, sanitary, and fruit, very good
  • alexliyuxin
    Each will have a note to write down the license plate number of the taxi, relatively intimate. Japanese stay, breakfast good mackerel. rooms also have fruit, you can easily eat.
  • bj_tracy
    Hotel good breakfast variety doorman was very polite the next chosen to live here?
  • cicier
    Feel very warm, homey feeling ... Residence Hotel, really good ^ _ ^
  • tommy0807
    Hotel great location, excellent service?
  • BoB man
    Only were unable to get care look up and hope to set down, thank you
  • sdl20098
    All right
  • neinei99
    Good good good good good good good
  • cityangel
    Rooms has long, Center location, quiet, toilet is the best Japan goods, very useful!
  • camilleyao
    Service is good, the room was very quiet, air conditioning warm comfortable, sleep through the night!
  • den30209
    Hotel is very good, room very clean, breakfast in General. are taxis is not convenient.
  • wenbi
    Established five-star hotels, service attentive, breakfast!
  • jeyo9999
    Hotel Nice location in a side street not too hard to find
  • e01706878
    Very good hotel, facilities and service at home, feeling very comfortable, cost-effective deserves praise!
  • m00088778
    Which is very nice.
  • aaalice
    Service is really good, especially Airport transfer master, help with the luggage, is the place where eating at night around too little.
  • little_pig_dai
  • e00038680
  • ramdj829616
    Hotel service was very good, the next time you stay
  • dying
    It wasn't too bad
  • Crisi
    Very good hotel, very sweet, next time will stay in Xiamen, hates good hotel
  • Teddyteddyteddy
    Which is very nice
  • snoopy008
    Service is in place, hotel all service personnel are is warm, in Xiamen taxi not easy, hotel waiter help called car, each also can intimate sent Shang taxi card, also has taxi plate, got off of of when can active reminded Guest car tail box in whether also has things didn't took, is intimate! sent of fruit is fresh; room health clean have is clean; air conditioning noise is small, also has 2 floor Japan cuisine good, food material is fresh, price also reasonable. next to also will live here! staying Beijing minCenter is a good choice to Xiamen!
  • susanyan905
    Hotel very comfortable, beautiful environment, lobby and luxurious, clean and equipment is also very complete, staff is very polite, really good breakfast, variety of fully eat up, next time you will choose.
  • e02627862
    Environmental services are good in every respect, the shuttle bus to the airport, transport there are direct buses from SM city square, take a taxi to slightly, overall nice
  • blove99
    Good service... since 7 a.m. but no morning airport shuttle bus at the very least I want runs from 6:30.
  • devilfox
    Details of services and particularly good
  • asdddf
    Belated reviews, Xiamen's old five-star, and outsiders are not easy
  • feiaga
    Great uncle, the family is very satisfied with, the next time you choose this
  • toomany
    Has veteran five-star hotel of heritage, service aspects more domestic General of hotel, to more focused on service consciousness and belonging sense some. is for family parent-child travel, swimming pool not is big, but key is practical, even can detailed to thought prepared has a dehydration washing machine, convenient has we these field to of visitors, must to a praise, insufficient of is individual facilities some aging, may need gradually maintenance or more nursing, most obviously of is sofa leather class and lamp,, but currently also notCan speak a distinct effect, just a bit but felt not worthy of five-star service staff. Another highly select Suite categories, particularly parents, at least not there father and baby Rob TV.
  • Michael ~ ~ Pig
    Old hotel but service, also have a good health.
  • fatstone
    Live very comfortable, breakfast buffet is popular with kids like ... very helpful staff responsible, give people a feeling of being at home!
  • connieyliang
    Environmental services are good
  • Andyluoluo
    Very good service, excellent hardware without software is very intimate, bedside books, airport transfer, and so on are very satisfied! excellent value.
  • jessica0133
    Service starts from the car is sweet, neither staff nor the Assistant Manager, Super patient. hotel shuttle service is also very good ... rooms comfortable and clean, and the high cost of five-star hotels
  • Ariel meat meat
    Good! ' like Inn
  • litao_109
    Service was very good, now just formalities, lived again later supplementary.
  • doraemon_fans
    Room was good, breakfast
  • lyxx555
    Live is good, great service, have lived three times, will come again.
  • meander
    Best hotel to stay in Xiamen. Everything is up to the mark.
  • tianjing_rat
    Great location downtown
  • jiatianyou
    Very good! what services can also!
  • Yeldini
    Very clean, very comfortable, and overall felt good and the recommended
  • Mom JOY
    Hotel special and attentive service, very happy with it. Will come again.
  • alan Joy
    Hotel service was very good, the Festival also prepared cakes and fruits, very intimate.