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Xiang'an: Farmer eat something "literary meal"

Date: 2013-08-30

Recently, Xiamen Xiang'an and harvest a good thing. Houses Xiang'an area by the central primary school kids bag children's puppet show "Little Saint bucket Monty Python" finalists Tenth China Art Festival "Stars Award" finals will be held in October in Shandong a showdown. These rural baby never touched the performing arts, through professional coaching after, there are "peeping" opportunities.

In recent years, through the introduction of high art Xiang'an to tap local outstanding cultural resources, attract mass participation, cultivate people's cultural self-confidence, and truly allow the farmers to enjoy the "cultural bonus."

"Highbrow" incoming

Erhu, pipa, flute, dulcimer blowing shells broke xiang'an rural quiet night, foreign classic ensemble "rural poetry", the domestic music "jingle" Xinjiang folk song "give you a rose" and one more program is a dance of country life. Not long ago, this elegant Concert "moved into" the Xiang'an rural areas, but also for the first time in Xiamen countryside "faceless."

This year, Xiang'an give farmers "New Year gift" is 10 days 30 games drama. Only the first half, to the villagers xiang'an doorstep sports activities there are more than 120 screenings.

"Spring Snow" strikes, whether co-villagers, "appetite"? In this regard, Xiang'an not worried, at each of the "92,580 jobs I help you" and "free culture, sending jobs, delivery service" activities, theatrical performances are "pioneers." Slowly, the villagers realized that art can also improve quality of life. See the big scene of the villagers, but also proud to say, before all the crowd, and now can become a commentator.

"Three sub-culture" Barghouti

When the teacher into the cultural center of Xiamen Xiang'an village "art Poverty", the xinxu "three sub-culture" claim to fame. "Man" refers to a local man Paixiong dance, often boarded across the stage; "sister-in-law" refers to the choir xinxu sister-in-law, the group does not know the music of country girls won the sixth World Choir Games silver folk group Award; "child" refers to primary school children clarinetists old house teams, last year they won the "Charm School" Seventh National Arts Festival and the 12th campus Campus Spring Festival Gold Award.

When xiang'an pluck rural culture of poverty "hat", the farmers had to culture favoring - this thing is really original culture, not only can walk away with, but also particularly rewarding.

Xiang'an Xu Cuocun villagers started eating more "literary meal." The village has two or three hundred people would play an instrument, they formed demonstration team, to go outside into the market, theater annual income over a million dollars.

Enjoy cultural life

South Sound, chess, dragon and lion dances, peasant paintings, high drama, drum, Sung Chiang Battle Array ...... these most xiang'an "earthy" folk culture, play a leading role is purely for farmers.

People's cultural consciousness is awakened, you need a group of "leader." Their common name is cultural volunteers. Xiang'an currently has 735 volunteer culture, folklore societies 5, 188 villagers running the cultural team, performing more than 6,000 staff.

Over sixty years, Chen Hong, the daily "homework" is a one kilometer walk from home to teach dance Chang Lam. Today, she has brought out a team of hundreds of people, even the neighboring village folks have come here to participate. In these people, driven xiang'an grassroots culture "flourish."

Usually sing and dance workout out of the villagers' courage, holidays, now requires cultural programs, these villagers are uninvited. In recent years, around the New Year party Xiang'an became a good opportunity for them to expose their skills, the villagers wrote, directed and starred in a field of their own "village late."

Xiang'an culture "everywhere", so xiang'an literate people enjoyed life. In the latter village, southern music, high drama, cage blowing tribute balls, Paixiong dance, tapcuiko, folk opera, etc. can sing almost every household can play. (Newspaper reporter Ma Yuehua newspaper correspondent Lin sound Cai Shen Jiang)